Meia’s Musings

Welcome to my website!

I’m Meia Chita-Tegmark and this is where I share my research musings, my teaching and mentoring goals, my vision for improving the world, and my random challenges as a hiker, traveler and human in the age of artificial intelligence.

My background is in psychology and education and I’m passionate about the future of humanity and big picture questions. I’m a postdoc at the Tufts Human-Robot Interaction Lab and a co-founder of the Future of Life Institute. I’m interested in the intersection of technology and psychology, such as using artificial social agents for (health)care, and the impact of emerging technologies on social interactions and well-being.


I am currently pursuing research questions at the intersection of technology and psychology focused on the impact that emerging technologies can have on human well-being. I study both human-human interactions and human-machine interactions, and how they fit together in the broader social ecosystem. 

Teaching & Mentoring

My teaching philosophy is “question authority!”. I believe my role as a scientist, teacher and mentor is to cultivate in my students a love for the uncomfortable questioning of authority: my authority as a teacher, the authority of their textbooks, and the hardest of all authorities to question: that of their own entrenched assumptions about the world.

Talks & Outreach

I enjoy opportunities to share insights from both my research and advocacy work with fellow-scientists and the general public alike. To me, being a scientist is one of the most exciting adventures that one can embark on, and I’m keen on connecting with others in this great adventure of big picture questions and methods for reaching the answers.



Technology has given us unprecedented opportunities to enhance our lives, but also to erode and destroy some of the things we value most about humanity. In 2014 I co-founded the Future of Life Institute a non-profit focused on using technology for empowerment rather than enfeeblement.



I occasionally try to put in writing some of my personal answers to Whitman’s questions: “What stays with you latest and deepest? of curious panics, of hard-fought engagements or sieges tremendous what deepest remains?”

Miscellaneous passions

I find nothing more soothing for the mind than a long hike, or the quiet and focused attention involved in connecting with wildlife. Photos don’t do the experience justice, but I like to share them as reminders of all the beauty worth exploring and protecting.

Featured paper

Chita-Tegmark, M., Law, T., Rabb, N., & Scheutz, M. (2021). Can you trust your trust measure? Proceedings of the 2021 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI’21). (PDF)

Featured talk

The Future Self: Master or Servant of Technology?

World Web Forum

January, 2019, Zürich 

Featured outreach

Progress, Potential and Possibilities podcast

January, 2021